Real estate at full throttle.

What Is SPIN? »

What is SPIN?

Real estate at full throttle.

Welcome to the Southeast's full-service real estate company. Unlike competitors, we only sell homes we control... from the largest inventory available. Which means, depending on your goals, we can be broker. Contractor. Landlord.

We scout and renovate. We provide all contracts. We make a complicated process simple, easy, and fast. Because sometimes, the best deals won't wait.

A decade of experience.

Over the past decade, the minds driving SPIN have bought thousands of homes. Unlike competitors, SPIN does all the legwork, paperwork, contracts, renovation, buyer placement, insurance. Turnkey solutions, one-stop shopping - without any wasted time.

That expertise will deliver top dollar for your home. Regardless of location, condition or mortgage issues.

Southeast Property Investments Network. SPIN. Real estate at full throttle.

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Accelerate Your Investments

Five ways SPIN ramps up real estate profits:

  • 1. A better understanding of the market - and how to maximize your return.
  • 2. A better buyer's list - marketing to more people means more exposure.
  • 3. A turnkey mentality - efficient, experienced rehab teams increase your value.
  • 4. A convenient solution - buyers pay for the advantages of one-stop shopping.
  • 5. A fast-track to closing - often within 24 hours... fueled by money on hand.

Perhaps you've written down some guidelines, you know what you're looking for, you've developed investment targets. But sifting through all the possibilities can take... well, forever. And you don't have that kind of time.

We make offers on 500 properties a week.

Call one of our investment specialists now, and let's start building your portfolio.

One call today. Written offer tomorrow.

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