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The Southeast Property Investment Network (SPIN) is the largest wholesaler of distressed properties on Florida’s west coast. Since it’s inception SPIN has borrowed funds from hard money lenders as well as close friends & family. SPIN clearly understands its lifeblood is the relationship with its lenders and has lived by that philosophy as they doubled in size for the past 3 consecutive years. To efficiently handle that level of volume, SPIN developed a sophisticated lending management system that has become one of its biggest proprietary assets.  Currently SPIN turns over an astounding $100MM annually in lender funds.  SPIN lenders still include friends, family and hard money lenders however they have also added several large institutional lenders who lend in amounts ranging from $50,000.00 per lender to over $10MM in revolving lines of credit.”

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Lenders: SPIN Brings Higher Yields & Less Risk

You’re funds are protected with a promissory note and mortgage just like a traditional mortgage lending company would have.  Although you will never need it, it’s nice to know you have peace of mind!

The SPIN team of professionals have the dedication, expertise and proprietary processes that make us #1 in all of Florida. Backed by over a decade of experience and nearly half a billion dollars in sales, our results speak for themselves. See how these Lenders have put their money to work with Real Estate at Full Throttle.

“I have been investing in real estate most of my life with either buy and hold rentals or fix and flip rehabs.  I had bought several investment properties through SPIN prior to discussing possible lending options.  In early 2012 we did our first loan and we never looked back.  For a “hands free” approach to a steady stream of income and rates that are unmatched by traditional investment vehicles, this is truly the greatest thing that ever happened to me.”

– Larry Deal, Lender

“I was referred to SPIN as a lender by a good friend of mine.  I started out with a very small loan and over time increased my investments as I got to know the SPIN Team and their investment model.  I have now been investing for more than 4 years and it has been a fantastic opportunity I will continue for years to come.”

– Donald O’Neal, Lender

I have owned and managed a portfolio of rental properties for years.  Over time I decided to reduce the time I had to dedicate managing my portfolio and started looking around for other opportunities in real estate.  I started lending with SPIN in 2013 and it has been absolutely a wonderful investment.  The SPIN team takes great care to protect my interest and the returns are simply the best thing going.

– Marvin Hunt, Lender

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